Hey! Isn't that Loki?

.. or what's his name, the other dead slayer?? :-)

Just added another piece to the 'Dungeon series' that features a 'tomb for yet another dead slayer'. Could not resist to build this one after reading Hans'suggestion. The tomb is in memory for poor Loki who fell at the hand of the Possessed.


  1. Must say nice work on the tomb there! Is that a slayer mini I see used out there?
    It's a good way to honour a slayer in this way. Now to play in the dungeons then! Is there enough ready to play in?

  2. There's indeed a slayer mini 'buried' in there.
    I have more or less completed four pieces now, what is not nearly enough for a full dungeon. However the pieces should be usable in a 'normal' setting...

  3. Haha, that's brilliant!

    BTW I still have a lot of unused Hirst bricks, would you be interested in them? I can bring them with me on friday...

  4. interest here as well! Started with the build of an arena for chariot races (or squig hopper races, or use in Mordheim scenario's, or....)!