The Gargoyle

A quiet afternoon in Mordheim and the Slayers were stomping around through some backalley. They were near the plaza with the former church with the big Gargoyle on the roof. Of course more gargoyles can be found in the city of Mordheim, but this one was particular mean looking and grimy as can be. The slayers were not complete though, just a group of 5 dwarfs. The last battle at the great library had some pretty hefty casualties. Two slayers were still recovering from grievous wounds.
The group of five rummaging through the streets contained now only two slayers and 3 dwarf followers. This provides a better chance for the slayer's doom now two slayers are recovering. They were very anxious to encounter some worthy enemies. On the other side of the plaza they suddenly heard some squabling orcs. A nice warm up for the slayers! The glow of some weirdstone shards was casting a green shine on the gloomy plaza.

The slayers stopped to hear what was up nearby and better yet, how much orcs were in the neighbourhoud. When stopping they could hear not only some babbling orcs but also some pirates heading towards the ugly gargole. When they listened very carefully they heard another group approaching with some sloppy and lurching noises. Them filthy undead were approaching as well! Nice, the slayers were in their element. The 3 followers were determined but with 3 foes entering the same area, and only the five of them there...they weren't looking for their doom!
Something was going on with the Gargoyle, that much was clear. All groups were heading that way so it must interesting. The dwarfs ran through the alley towards the plaza. In the open on the far left some orcs were rummaging through some old barrels. On the opposite side of the square the pirates were entering the battlefield and to the right some feint forms of some undead were seen moving behind some windows.

One of the pirates was swinging herself 2 stories up in one tower. What was going on there? The undead seem to be weary of open areas and were cowering and hiding!
With one zombie in the open one of the slayers saw a nice fight and wanted to be there first! Since he was tattooed with a special rune enabling him to close in with his enemy very quick he got to the zombie first! The dwarf went berserk on the zombie and with some decapitated limbs, went down directly. Since a zombie losing limbs was not that uncommon, the zombie was not out yet! The other trollslayer followed behind but was not that quick as his companion.
The 3 remaining dwarfs were taking it slowly and approached the orcs on a safe distance, they might shoot them first to soften them up.
Meanwhile the orcs reached the gargoyle and started bickering in front of the statue, what were they up to?

The pirates were keeping their distance, but the cracking of a whip revealed their presence. Still the slayers could not see the other pirates but there was some small fighting going on behind a building near the plaza.
Out of nowhere some ghouls charge the slayer who is hacking at the zombie. In no time the slayer is surrounded by 4 or 5 enemies. Also the second slayer is getting surrounded by foul undead. But for the slayers it is their pint of beer, screaming their challenges they enter the fight.
The 3 other dwarfs shoot some volleys with their guns into the orcs, filling the plaza with clouds of smoke. Meanwhile the two slayers kill some undead (zombie and ghoul go down).
The orcs seem to have awakened the gargoyle with one of the pieces of weirdstone. Not only that, the lowlife orcs sent the gargoyle towards the 3 shooting dwarfs! This was a bit too much and the hammerer went down instantly. The other 2 dwarfs started resculpting the gargoyle since they have a nack with stone, but the gargoyle keeps it up (it is hard as stone :) ).
The dishounourous orcs now charge the 2 remaining dwarfs who are in combat with the gargoyle. 3 Orcs on one dwarf was a bit too much, expecially after the gargoyle attacks and he went down.
In the background the dwarfs heard a lot of gunfire from the pirates, a lot of running around and it seemed they were heading towards the orcs but still keeping a safe distance.
The slayers were occupied with undead and even more poured from the surrounding buildings. How many could be hiding there! To complete the undead fray a vampire dived from a wall onto the slayers as well. The slayers held and one even managed to get the vampire severlely wounded! 3 ghouls with swords and daggers were attacking the slayers like madmen, but the sturdy dwarf axes seemed to parry each lethal blow! Now it is the Slayers turn to return the blows to the undead and a dreg gets split in two and the vampire goes down as one of the ghouls. This is carnage, the 2 slayers are in their element and wishing the other slayers would never return to this group. More enemies for them, it does not get any better then this!

The dwarfs with the gargoyle are faring worse. The gargoyle is too quick and critically hits one dwarf. The other dwarf meets the orc boss and does not survive.
The pirates are running on the walkways. After their shooting, the orcs now take up their slings and have a go at the pirates but miss everything. Is it the orcs aim, or the pirate swiftness? One of the pirates does a diving charge into the orcs but misses completely. A big thudding noise can be heard behind a wall. A few seconds later the pirate emerges apparently unscathed and dusting himself, trying to look cool (still swaying slightly).
The orcs try to advance over the plaza but get horribly shot at before they reach the slayers. One of the orcs gets knocked down by one of the whip-carrying girl pirates.
The slayer-undead fight gets up close and personal and the vampire wakes up just in time and takes out one of the slayers. With so much foes for the one slayer that is left, it is finally too much. Still it takes a couple of dregs to let the last slayer meet his doom.
The undead are now heavily bruised and the orcs easily kill the vampire (after the slayers did all the work).

Eventually the undead route and leave the table. The only ones left are the orcs and pirates. The pirates get some casualties but are ice cold and keep their ground for some time. After some more fighting the pirates decide it is too much for them and leave on their own account.
The lowly orcs have their victory and the other warbands have heavy casualties. For the slayers it was carnage, but it is what they were looking for. The slayer warband gets only more battlehardened and have even more lust for seeking their doom in Mordheim. The slayers will be ready for the next fight!


  1. This was one great battle! Too bad the pirates did not really turn out like I hoped. The new scenery is really stunning! We did well there :)

  2. Nice batrep, Tom!

    I'm happy with the win but I still feel sorry for Ludo: that was the worst injury rolls evah! What was it? 3 or 4 hero's for which you rolled DEAD? >.<

    One advice for your new list: get numbers in stead of fancy gear...