The inside of the Towers

Due to a lot of circumstances work on the two towers has not progressed that much further. However, since I got a request at Tom's Boring Mordheim forum to show the inside work, I will certainly do so ;-)
The first two pictures show the 'tower with the stairs'. This one has a (custom made, since I accidentally used the parts elsewhere) stairs that leads to the entrance. The first floor is therefor not located at ground level. I'm still not sure whether to seal off the space underneath this floor or to make some sort of dungeon or cellar underneath.

The second tower is featured on the other two pictures. This tower has the first floor on ground level, which means that even a large creature like an Ogre can enter this level. Although it wouldn't be able to use the Heroquest door ;-)

The second floor was allocated a little lower than the one in the other tower, in both cases 'normal' sized miniatures are able to stand inside the tower on the second floor(s).
The floors were made out of balsa wood, the inside walls got some 'plastering' to hide the sterile clean plastic original (lack of) plaster. The outsides of the buildings are out of the box very nicely decorated.
One of the towers was battlemented (if that's the correct word), the other got the little 'observatorium' at the roof. Both are in desperate need for a paint job (If I only had time), but have been used in Mordheim battles already. They make very useful (and nice) scenery.


  1. The tower is coming along nicely. Shame it wasn't there in the game last friday. I also started building a small tower with my hirst arts round tower mold. Will post progres and new buildings asap!

  2. It's coming along nicely indeed, Arjan! Hope you will find the time to slap some paint on it soon ;-)

    I've also started building a tower, "The Ruined Tower" from Hirst Arts (mold #65). I'll post some piccies when it's done!