Mordheim tower and magice shoppe

It is time to put the pictures online. A week ago 2 new buildings were made for Mordheim. From the Hirst arts round tower mold I've created a nice open tower. The closed tower as described with the mold is less playable for Mordheim, so now it is a tower that suffered from the impact of the meteor.
The second building is "The Magice Shoppe". It is the building of some strange Magister that once had his shop in the once thriving city of Mordheim. Some strange markings remain on the wall and some remaining magic items can be found in this abandoned building.
The first stage was the building of these two pieces of scenery. After some puzzling the following buildings were erected. Notice that from this side the buildings look whole. The other side is open and can be played in. In this way it looks good (it should look from both sides of course) and it is practical.

The following stage is painting and highlighting. As you can see in the following picture also a new piece of street has been made with the cracked floor mold. I put the tower on it but in the game it should be piece of street and the pavement has other texture. The tower has to have a base but that requires more casting of molds! I keep running out of the blocks, this building is addictive!

The buildings need finishing: floors, accessoires, especially the magic shop need some detailing. For now it is playable scenery and I can focus on painting some dwarf slayers.


  1. Looks great again, Tom! Can't wait till next week to play on/with it. I'll have a magic orb (glazen bol) ready to put in the magic shop.

  2. They look both very nice.. Still haven't cast with my moulds, hmmm, have decided to first finish (off) my two towers (and do some warband painting)

  3. Start casting in between painting! It will take only a couple of minutes and the plaster can dry while painting. You will save a lot of waiting time when you want to start building with your blocks.

  4. Fantastic buildings once more!

    Let's see if we can decorate those buildings with some mordheim specific stuff. Shields, banners etc.

  5. Good idea Ludo. Maybe this can help? (from the same manufacturer as the Orc pirate heads): http://www.maxmini.eu/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=12&products_id=56