Mordheim Slayer warband basing

A quick note on my bases for my new Mordheim warband: the slayers. I took some of the tiles from my hirst arts molds and painted them separately. Made some slots in them so my slayers will fit in nicely. I was a bit worried about damage to the tiles when playing because they are made from simple plaster. The paint will prevent some but I added some mat varnish and I think it looks good as bases for my Slayer warband.
Can you spot the bases that don't have varnish on them? :)

And this is how the dwarfs will look like on the bases. This is (of course) not a slayer but one of my dwarf henchmen:

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  1. Hey Tom,

    Looks promising, I'm sure they will turn out nicely when you've painted them! 1 question though: aren't those bases too big for dwarves? For Mordheim it doesnt matter much, but if you want to use your dwarves in WHFB too, then it's probably better to use the 'official' base size.