Mordheim Slayer warband painting (1)

The Dwarf Slayer warband is being painted! The Mordheim scenery is taking up a lot of time, fun though, but the dwarfs don't get painted in this way! The first part I started with is the dwarf skin. It has to look muscular so it will take some layers of paint to get a the muscle toning just right. The first layer was bronzed flesh after I applied flesh wash. The next is again a layer of bronzed flesh where you leave the very heavy shaded areas as they are.
Taking pictures from the dwarfs is quit difficult with a digital SLR camera and flash. The following picture you can see the shade of the lens after the flash in the picture. Still a good picture though (handy tip anyway when making macro pictures in the evening: don't use your flash so close!)

This week friday a new batlle is on the program and with the gold my slayers aquired last battle, I hired a new dwarf clansman with a brace of pistols. This results in the following great miniature:

Also worth mentioning is my new desktop LED lamp I now use for painting. It is great! The best light every, it does not turn hot has hallogen does and it only uses 4Watts of energie! How cool is that!


  1. And again, this is starting to look really awesome! I already had the opportunity to take a sneak-peak last construction day and I must say the quality of the painting is still a steady A+!

    We be looking forward to be slaying some slayers coming friday!

  2. Great blog :)

    Regards from Germany!