modelling day results

Our modelling session from a week ago was productive as you might have seen. Since then the scenery has been painted and is now ready. More new buildings added for our city of Mordheim! The first one here is the housing Ludo was making. Some nice wooden accents around the house and a very playable piece I might say.

The second building for showing you is the second warehouse I was making. It is number 2 of a set of three. As said in can be used alone or in conjuction with the other warehouses as a block of buildings.

The building Hans is working on (his church like structure) is already painted, but I'm without pics here so that one will show in some of the next posts. For now I will leave you with a small overview of the present Mordheim Scenery. This will look good on the batllefield when we are going to play on friday the 13th.

Last in a quick snapshot of the 3rd warehouse I'm making. The first floor is done and glued together. Now for the second layer and then slap some paint on and the set of 3 is complete!

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