Modular Mordheim Buildings

Quick overview in the Mordheim Building department. We're building like dwarfs overhere! With the first hirst arts molds I got a lot of 'simple' building blocks. This builds some nice and clean buildings but nothing fancy so far (al though this already looks good in my opinion). I defined some basic bases for building ruined buildings, streets and large items. This results in the following measurements of bases for our modular Mordheim building blocks:

regular building: 100 x 215 mm
street: 100 x 300 mm
large base: 300 x 300 mm

In the following picture you can find the buildings I made until now. Also the new large city centre is visible. With the fountain water has to be added and it is finished as well.


  1. Wow! This is starting to look like one awesome battlefield right there. I especially like the way the Square with Fountain turned out!

  2. Square looks awesome indeed! Can't wait to play with all the new buildings tomorrow! :-)

    Oh, one comment on the base sizes: wouldn't it be better to use building bases of 100x200mm from now on to make things more modular? So just use units of x*100mm.

    Cheers, Hans