Mordheim Slayer warband painting (2)

Besides being busy with making Mordheim scenery, I'm also busy with painting a new Mordheim warband. The Troll slayers already played some games, so they have to have some color on them before the next game. I've been busy with the skin mostly and there is a lot of it with them slayers. The skin is coming along nice and muscelly (is that a word?).

The second part I'm now busy with is the beards. Also a nice piece of paintwork with lots of layers. This to ensure a good depth in beards and mohawks, it is what makes them slayers!

Finally worth mentioning is Ironfist that I've been working on. Mostly getting the posture right. I wanted the axes to be a bit further to the sides and to lean back some more. Some filing an drilling, pinning and adding some greenstuff later, this is the final result:


  1. Could it be that you use the colours without any water to "strech" the color? :)

    Regards from Germany,


  2. I'm intrigued but not sure what you mean by stretching the color?