Night Goblin warband showcase

All the while busy painting and playing with the slayer warband that I almost forget there is a night goblin warband. After a while letting them keep to themselves in their cave I really had to sort them lot out! Eventually got them in line for posing in front of the camera (at least some of them). So here they are in their great splendor.

My Goblin boss riding the big squig. That's a proper steed fit for a gobbo boss and if the rest of the lot does not recognize him, they will be fed to the big squig. That's how it's done in goblin society!

Can't have too little squigs in my opinion! Here is the max lot of 5 squigs, cheap, fast, fun and full of teeth!
Van Night goblins, squigs portraits for Mordheim

Of course you gotta keep them squigs under control. What better tool then tha big fork! Night Gobo's love 'em and them squigs now to stay away from them!

What is a warband with bosses to be bossed around by the big boss and who themselves can boss around the rest of the night gobbo's:

Some of the more regular night goblins in this warband:

No warband is complete without fanatics of course. I only have mini's with ball and chain but for Mordheim a big double handed weapon is more usefull. This is fun though but I'll do a conversion soon for a fanatic with something like a big doublehanded axe or something other maniacal:

Night goblins squable a lot and there's always one who forgot what they were doing and needs to ask:


WIP Dwarf Slayers

Slow progress in the slayer department but there is some progress. Last post showed already a beardling that was almost finished. Now it's shield is also done. I started out with a sturdy hammer shield but messed it up with pruple twirly lines.

No dwarf material! This dwarf is funny and needs a matching shield. I created one with arrows in and a nice Bugmans logo. Fitting for a beardling of his stature.

Further progress is on the backback of one of the other dwarfs. It is coming along nicely but needs some extra layerers of shading.

Also busy with my Demonslayer that will lead this bunch of orange crested maniacs, but only the flesh parts are in progress here. These are the colors that make up the shading for him:

New dwarfs have arrived from Maelstrom games. Now a test with some other manufacturers than Games Workshop. This bulky fellow for example. I just undercoated, but he will be a very battlehardened Slayer.