First 3 slayers finished

It's been done. The first 3 slayers are finished painting. The final basing was quite quick and I added a pile of gold to one of the slayer bases. That's what it's all about for them orange haired axewielding maniacs!
With no further ado, here are the pictures:


The Ruined Tower - W.I.P.

To prove Tom isn't the only one at work with the Hirst Arts molds, I'll post some WIP of my own little project: The Ruined Tower (mold #65). It is more or less build, just needs some paint (still have to buy black paint as I have run out...).

Let's start with some overview pictures:

In the background you can see the grinded shells that you put in bird cages which I used on the parts of the base that have no 'stone' on them. It's really cheap stuff (about 90c for 2 kilo!) and has some nice pieces of shell in them to make things more interesting.

In the mean while, Nora the cat is wondering what all the fuzz is about, she doesn't look very impressed...

These parts will be added later, 'cause it's easier to paint them unassembled:

And finally a shot from above:

I'll post more pics once further progress is being made.

Mordheim Slayer warband painting (3)

And again I spent time painting 3 slayers for my Slayer warband. They were already quite far but it is all in the details. After painting the skin and the trousers it is time for painting the axes. Wood colored axes is nice but you want some wood grain, painting the axe heads first layers was with boltgun metal after which chainmail accents were put on. Badab black wash to enhance shadows and nothches on the blade.

I painted the gold items first with boltgun metal, then dwarf bronze, then shining gold an some very small accents with chainmail. This is finished with devlan mud to blend all the colors in. It gives a nice gold feel, that is worn, gives good details to all signs and runes and is overall shiny as the slayers like it!

Furthermore the leather glove and pouches was done with black, snakebite leather, graveyard earth and a blend of graveyard earth and bleached bone. Again a finish with devlan mudd. Since I got the devlan mud, everything is done with this stuf, the new washes are great! For christmas the foundation paint set is on my wishlist and I got some info that indeed it will be under the christmas tree. I can't wait how the new foundation paints handle and how they give the miniatures a start of color.

Just a few more touch ups and I will give you really nice pictures up and close of these 3 slayers in order to admire all those nice little details! :)
How much time did I spend painting these 3 dwarfs? Hmmmm just totalling up all my small paint sessions I think 6-8 hours per dwarf. That includes all tests of the blends and combination of colors.


The Haunted Orphanage

A new day in Mordheim and the slayers are completely recovered from their previous battles and are hungry for their doom. If some gold was found in the process that would also be nice of course.

It was said that the there is an orphanage in Mordheim where all inhabitants were killed when the comet hit Mordheim. One of the ghosts haunting the orphanage is the wife of one of the inhabitants of Mordheim: herr von Donnersmarck. He wants his wife to find rest. Retrieving her weddingring to Von Donnersmarck would mean very much to the rich merchant. That is precisely the scenario the slayers are interested in.

They've also heard some hatefull greenskins are hunting for the ring as well as some foul undead. All those ghosts and other scum of the earth is a tempting melee to get stuck in as a slayer!

Indeed when entering the area where the orphanage is found other warbands are present and heading for the orphanage. From four sides the greenskins, some pirates, the slayers and the undead approach cautiously the battlefield. The slayers hurry towards the orphanage when on the far side one of the orcs is going ballistic and charges towards the orphanage...all alone...how brave...

The pirates take it slow and carefull while the undead again sneak onto the area of the orphanage. The slayers loud bragging and shouting are bounding towards the orphanage and quickly enter the orphanage terrain. The ghosts appear all together and crowd the somewhat startled dwarfs. Between all those dwarfs one of the sturdy clansman discovers the wife of von DOnnersmarck and quickly gets the ring. Could it be so easy and quickly be over?
Nothing is what it seems, while all the other warbands still strugle to get to orphanage the slayers start fighting the evil headmaster and other ghosts. Meanwhile the undead very swiftly and cunningly sweep towards the dwarfs to stop them from leaving the area. Two slayers intercept them with their axes. Incredible odds of 4 to one for dwarfs but it's the best thinkable situation for the slayers. THey are in thei element and start swinging their axes through undead zombies, ghouls and dregs.

Meanwhile from the other side gunshots were heard and large gunpowder clouds can be seen. The pirates are having a go at the greenskins. The greenskins do not advance that fast because they keep squabling amongst each other. When encountering some ghosts the orcs are terrified and run away in the opposite direction screaming and jibbering. Only after a very long run dare they look back to see that no ghost is chasing them. The pirates are not only gunning at the greenskins but also start for the dwarfs and on this side also a slayer runs towards these foes. Easily taking on 3 pirates single handedly the slayers keeps his ground. How many hits this dwarf parries and how many slices he gets in are uncountable (the dice were favoured by Grugni). This is truly a frenzied slayer in his element.

What is going on with the 2 slayers and all those undead? They are hacking away and getting their hits in. The vampire from the last battle again sweeps in to finish off them pesky dwarfs. No such luck, these are truly gritty dwarf slayers not to be messed with. They parry every blow and since one dwarf is now fully occupied with undead, the giant slayer leader takes on the vampire by himself. It is an incredible exchange of blows and this time the giant slayer gets his kill. Although he was seeking his doom, a vampire less in the world is a good thing.
There is the dwarf clansman who is heading for safety with the ring who is keeping out of the line of sight of the gunning pirates who are now very close. Will he be clear in a few steps or will he be shot at and stopped in the end? The slayers finnish of some more undead and pirates in the process while indeed the clansman heads for safety and delivers the ring to Von Donnersmarck.

What was going on with the greenskins this battle. They were on the field, they were crowding some pirates who got some heavy losses but further than that they weren't realy seen today. The slayers were keen to get some axes in but no such luck today.

The dwarfs leave the batllefield and go sharpen their axe blades for the next encounter, oh and they go counting their gold of course...gold, gold, gold, ..., gold, gold gold


Mordheim Slayer warband painting (2)

Besides being busy with making Mordheim scenery, I'm also busy with painting a new Mordheim warband. The Troll slayers already played some games, so they have to have some color on them before the next game. I've been busy with the skin mostly and there is a lot of it with them slayers. The skin is coming along nice and muscelly (is that a word?).

The second part I'm now busy with is the beards. Also a nice piece of paintwork with lots of layers. This to ensure a good depth in beards and mohawks, it is what makes them slayers!

Finally worth mentioning is Ironfist that I've been working on. Mostly getting the posture right. I wanted the axes to be a bit further to the sides and to lean back some more. Some filing an drilling, pinning and adding some greenstuff later, this is the final result:

Mordheim tower and magice shoppe

It is time to put the pictures online. A week ago 2 new buildings were made for Mordheim. From the Hirst arts round tower mold I've created a nice open tower. The closed tower as described with the mold is less playable for Mordheim, so now it is a tower that suffered from the impact of the meteor.
The second building is "The Magice Shoppe". It is the building of some strange Magister that once had his shop in the once thriving city of Mordheim. Some strange markings remain on the wall and some remaining magic items can be found in this abandoned building.
The first stage was the building of these two pieces of scenery. After some puzzling the following buildings were erected. Notice that from this side the buildings look whole. The other side is open and can be played in. In this way it looks good (it should look from both sides of course) and it is practical.

The following stage is painting and highlighting. As you can see in the following picture also a new piece of street has been made with the cracked floor mold. I put the tower on it but in the game it should be piece of street and the pavement has other texture. The tower has to have a base but that requires more casting of molds! I keep running out of the blocks, this building is addictive!

The buildings need finishing: floors, accessoires, especially the magic shop need some detailing. For now it is playable scenery and I can focus on painting some dwarf slayers.


The Gargoyle

A quiet afternoon in Mordheim and the Slayers were stomping around through some backalley. They were near the plaza with the former church with the big Gargoyle on the roof. Of course more gargoyles can be found in the city of Mordheim, but this one was particular mean looking and grimy as can be. The slayers were not complete though, just a group of 5 dwarfs. The last battle at the great library had some pretty hefty casualties. Two slayers were still recovering from grievous wounds.
The group of five rummaging through the streets contained now only two slayers and 3 dwarf followers. This provides a better chance for the slayer's doom now two slayers are recovering. They were very anxious to encounter some worthy enemies. On the other side of the plaza they suddenly heard some squabling orcs. A nice warm up for the slayers! The glow of some weirdstone shards was casting a green shine on the gloomy plaza.

The slayers stopped to hear what was up nearby and better yet, how much orcs were in the neighbourhoud. When stopping they could hear not only some babbling orcs but also some pirates heading towards the ugly gargole. When they listened very carefully they heard another group approaching with some sloppy and lurching noises. Them filthy undead were approaching as well! Nice, the slayers were in their element. The 3 followers were determined but with 3 foes entering the same area, and only the five of them there...they weren't looking for their doom!
Something was going on with the Gargoyle, that much was clear. All groups were heading that way so it must interesting. The dwarfs ran through the alley towards the plaza. In the open on the far left some orcs were rummaging through some old barrels. On the opposite side of the square the pirates were entering the battlefield and to the right some feint forms of some undead were seen moving behind some windows.

One of the pirates was swinging herself 2 stories up in one tower. What was going on there? The undead seem to be weary of open areas and were cowering and hiding!
With one zombie in the open one of the slayers saw a nice fight and wanted to be there first! Since he was tattooed with a special rune enabling him to close in with his enemy very quick he got to the zombie first! The dwarf went berserk on the zombie and with some decapitated limbs, went down directly. Since a zombie losing limbs was not that uncommon, the zombie was not out yet! The other trollslayer followed behind but was not that quick as his companion.
The 3 remaining dwarfs were taking it slowly and approached the orcs on a safe distance, they might shoot them first to soften them up.
Meanwhile the orcs reached the gargoyle and started bickering in front of the statue, what were they up to?

The pirates were keeping their distance, but the cracking of a whip revealed their presence. Still the slayers could not see the other pirates but there was some small fighting going on behind a building near the plaza.
Out of nowhere some ghouls charge the slayer who is hacking at the zombie. In no time the slayer is surrounded by 4 or 5 enemies. Also the second slayer is getting surrounded by foul undead. But for the slayers it is their pint of beer, screaming their challenges they enter the fight.
The 3 other dwarfs shoot some volleys with their guns into the orcs, filling the plaza with clouds of smoke. Meanwhile the two slayers kill some undead (zombie and ghoul go down).
The orcs seem to have awakened the gargoyle with one of the pieces of weirdstone. Not only that, the lowlife orcs sent the gargoyle towards the 3 shooting dwarfs! This was a bit too much and the hammerer went down instantly. The other 2 dwarfs started resculpting the gargoyle since they have a nack with stone, but the gargoyle keeps it up (it is hard as stone :) ).
The dishounourous orcs now charge the 2 remaining dwarfs who are in combat with the gargoyle. 3 Orcs on one dwarf was a bit too much, expecially after the gargoyle attacks and he went down.
In the background the dwarfs heard a lot of gunfire from the pirates, a lot of running around and it seemed they were heading towards the orcs but still keeping a safe distance.
The slayers were occupied with undead and even more poured from the surrounding buildings. How many could be hiding there! To complete the undead fray a vampire dived from a wall onto the slayers as well. The slayers held and one even managed to get the vampire severlely wounded! 3 ghouls with swords and daggers were attacking the slayers like madmen, but the sturdy dwarf axes seemed to parry each lethal blow! Now it is the Slayers turn to return the blows to the undead and a dreg gets split in two and the vampire goes down as one of the ghouls. This is carnage, the 2 slayers are in their element and wishing the other slayers would never return to this group. More enemies for them, it does not get any better then this!

The dwarfs with the gargoyle are faring worse. The gargoyle is too quick and critically hits one dwarf. The other dwarf meets the orc boss and does not survive.
The pirates are running on the walkways. After their shooting, the orcs now take up their slings and have a go at the pirates but miss everything. Is it the orcs aim, or the pirate swiftness? One of the pirates does a diving charge into the orcs but misses completely. A big thudding noise can be heard behind a wall. A few seconds later the pirate emerges apparently unscathed and dusting himself, trying to look cool (still swaying slightly).
The orcs try to advance over the plaza but get horribly shot at before they reach the slayers. One of the orcs gets knocked down by one of the whip-carrying girl pirates.
The slayer-undead fight gets up close and personal and the vampire wakes up just in time and takes out one of the slayers. With so much foes for the one slayer that is left, it is finally too much. Still it takes a couple of dregs to let the last slayer meet his doom.
The undead are now heavily bruised and the orcs easily kill the vampire (after the slayers did all the work).

Eventually the undead route and leave the table. The only ones left are the orcs and pirates. The pirates get some casualties but are ice cold and keep their ground for some time. After some more fighting the pirates decide it is too much for them and leave on their own account.
The lowly orcs have their victory and the other warbands have heavy casualties. For the slayers it was carnage, but it is what they were looking for. The slayer warband gets only more battlehardened and have even more lust for seeking their doom in Mordheim. The slayers will be ready for the next fight!


The inside of the Towers

Due to a lot of circumstances work on the two towers has not progressed that much further. However, since I got a request at Tom's Boring Mordheim forum to show the inside work, I will certainly do so ;-)
The first two pictures show the 'tower with the stairs'. This one has a (custom made, since I accidentally used the parts elsewhere) stairs that leads to the entrance. The first floor is therefor not located at ground level. I'm still not sure whether to seal off the space underneath this floor or to make some sort of dungeon or cellar underneath.

The second tower is featured on the other two pictures. This tower has the first floor on ground level, which means that even a large creature like an Ogre can enter this level. Although it wouldn't be able to use the Heroquest door ;-)

The second floor was allocated a little lower than the one in the other tower, in both cases 'normal' sized miniatures are able to stand inside the tower on the second floor(s).
The floors were made out of balsa wood, the inside walls got some 'plastering' to hide the sterile clean plastic original (lack of) plaster. The outsides of the buildings are out of the box very nicely decorated.
One of the towers was battlemented (if that's the correct word), the other got the little 'observatorium' at the roof. Both are in desperate need for a paint job (If I only had time), but have been used in Mordheim battles already. They make very useful (and nice) scenery.


Mordheim Slayer warband painting (1)

The Dwarf Slayer warband is being painted! The Mordheim scenery is taking up a lot of time, fun though, but the dwarfs don't get painted in this way! The first part I started with is the dwarf skin. It has to look muscular so it will take some layers of paint to get a the muscle toning just right. The first layer was bronzed flesh after I applied flesh wash. The next is again a layer of bronzed flesh where you leave the very heavy shaded areas as they are.
Taking pictures from the dwarfs is quit difficult with a digital SLR camera and flash. The following picture you can see the shade of the lens after the flash in the picture. Still a good picture though (handy tip anyway when making macro pictures in the evening: don't use your flash so close!)

This week friday a new batlle is on the program and with the gold my slayers aquired last battle, I hired a new dwarf clansman with a brace of pistols. This results in the following great miniature:

Also worth mentioning is my new desktop LED lamp I now use for painting. It is great! The best light every, it does not turn hot has hallogen does and it only uses 4Watts of energie! How cool is that!

Modular Mordheim Buildings

Quick overview in the Mordheim Building department. We're building like dwarfs overhere! With the first hirst arts molds I got a lot of 'simple' building blocks. This builds some nice and clean buildings but nothing fancy so far (al though this already looks good in my opinion). I defined some basic bases for building ruined buildings, streets and large items. This results in the following measurements of bases for our modular Mordheim building blocks:

regular building: 100 x 215 mm
street: 100 x 300 mm
large base: 300 x 300 mm

In the following picture you can find the buildings I made until now. Also the new large city centre is visible. With the fountain water has to be added and it is finished as well.


Mordheim Slayer warband basing

A quick note on my bases for my new Mordheim warband: the slayers. I took some of the tiles from my hirst arts molds and painted them separately. Made some slots in them so my slayers will fit in nicely. I was a bit worried about damage to the tiles when playing because they are made from simple plaster. The paint will prevent some but I added some mat varnish and I think it looks good as bases for my Slayer warband.
Can you spot the bases that don't have varnish on them? :)

And this is how the dwarfs will look like on the bases. This is (of course) not a slayer but one of my dwarf henchmen:

modelling day results

Our modelling session from a week ago was productive as you might have seen. Since then the scenery has been painted and is now ready. More new buildings added for our city of Mordheim! The first one here is the housing Ludo was making. Some nice wooden accents around the house and a very playable piece I might say.

The second building for showing you is the second warehouse I was making. It is number 2 of a set of three. As said in can be used alone or in conjuction with the other warehouses as a block of buildings.

The building Hans is working on (his church like structure) is already painted, but I'm without pics here so that one will show in some of the next posts. For now I will leave you with a small overview of the present Mordheim Scenery. This will look good on the batllefield when we are going to play on friday the 13th.

Last in a quick snapshot of the 3rd warehouse I'm making. The first floor is done and glued together. Now for the second layer and then slap some paint on and the set of 3 is complete!