Like I had nothing left to paint ....

Sometimes you don't see a single miniature for over a month, and then all of a sudden they start to appear out of nowhere. I had that same experience today.

This morning I bought a standard ogre box to create the maneater mordheim warband. Some greenstuff required but that will be all fine. I already assembled parts of them today, removing a little of the points where the ogre's where attached on the sprue. Also they all have their slippers on and are ready for combat.

So what happened when I emailed Arjan to check if the Open Fire box was already in? Indeed, "it's on my desk a.t.m.".

That's even MORE to paint :D . I made a deal with arjan where I could have the rulebook and the US troops (though they are mostly Brits in the box), along with some counters and dice, where Arjan would have the rest. We split the cost and all was well.

I am a bit dissapointed with the build quality of the tanks though. The entire left side, top and bottom are great, but the right side is completely out of shape, for all the tanks (did not assemble the FireFly yet). Have to do a lot of shaving there. Also a lot of greenstuff required, but ah well.

All in all.... painting and assembly time!


plan to paint everything

it has been a while is a sentence I have been busying a lot the last couple of posts here. Luckily my fellow gamers are entering posts here and there. With me using my social media mostly in the form of twitter (and facebook coupled to it), this blog is lagging behind. I had plans to post numerous battle reports (there have been enough actually), and multiple posts on the progress off a lot of painting projects. Actually I finished a lot of ogres that already went to battle as well. They all did not appear on this blog.
At this point I was painting a set of parallel projects and got into the mood that nothing finishes. A good point to reflect. Is painting Ogres becoming dull? Ia painting not a challenge any more? Is playing becoming more interesting than painting? Might be some truth in all of those but probably it is lack of focus. With that in mind I am now making a plan in what order to paint all this stuff cramming my paint station. With planning came a thought to put all this reflecting into a blog post. All restored!

What has been entering the realm of painting then you might ask. Actually not so much. I got a bit greedy to play mournfang so bought a set of those. Also when coming across a stonehorn I wanted that as well. I have a nice airbrush set so painting the big beasts shouldn't take that much time right? As a matter of fact this is true, only the details take up a lot of time. With the big beasts come big bases, so they need time as well, since the big mini's need to make an appearance on the battlefield of course.

Aside from the ogres I seem to be collecting all kinds of scenery on my painting table. I have stuff already painted, but with the airbrush comes the possibility of painting it nicer! :) Get everything up to the same standard. All in all an unduly task.

THe painting table is thusly collecting a lot of half painted stuff and nothing gets finshed since I start with everything at once. Or maybe in the end everything is finished at once (but this might be a while!). Therefore I cleared the desk, put to the task only the mournfangs for now and take it one at the time. Actually taking 2 mournfangs is slow going, but a lot faster than painting a stonehorn, a wood elf hero, an imperial marksman, 4 ogres, 90 gnoblars and a set of trees at the same time :)

Hopefully my painted models output will rise with this and you will find more posts on the blog about them. Now how many tanks for flames of war should I order and start painting.... :)