Battle at the market square

A blizzard had just reached the town when the possessed warband moved out, heading the old market square. Sight was limited and every now and then a hailstorm as big as a dragons eye hit the ruins through which they stalked. As the warriors reached the outskirts of the deserted plaza, moving figures could be seen in the distance.

"We're not alone, my lord" rattled Frogface pointing at a small couch that was entering the square. "over there, a dwarven baggage train". "I'm not surprised" hissed the leader riding his ragged chaos steed "papa Nurgle has lead us not only to some treasure, but has given us a way to show our gratitude as well. You two, come with me, we've got to forestall these dwarf heading for the tower!" Nurgly the possessed leader drove his steed towards the tower, both (true) possessed, Ticky and ShyShy, joining him. The other, slower part of the warband headed to the other corner of the square, keen to find treasures and trouble.

The blizzard worsened and one of the Plaguebearers got hit, knocking him down the floor. Cries in the distance indicated that other creatures were hit as well, not only dwarfs were contesting this market square, some Orcs were there as well... All of a sudden the fallen behind treasure seeking henchmen (the who?) spotted a dark shape closing in on them. A wandering champion of Tchar was approaching them. Flyface and Frogface did not hesitate and charged in, together with a group of Plaguebearers and henchmen.

Nurgly and his two bodyguard had followed a small group of dwarfs to the remains of a small tower. The dwarfs took some shots at them, but could not prevent that they reached the stairs. Nurgly dismounted and sent his steed towards the group fighting the chaos champion.

To make matters even worse for the thunderers, a diseased wolf disturbed by the sound of their guns, attacked them from the rear. As they were fighting this animal, Ticky, ShyShy and Nurgly charged into the fight. Though both dwarfs and wolf put up some strong resistance, they were eventually taken down by the worshippers of Nurgle.

However, when Nurgly looked up from the remains of his mutilated opponents, the view he got from the tower made him furious. The champion of Tchar was still standing, fighting off the group henchmen now led by Frogface, as Flyface was already taken out of action by the follower of a false god. In the middle the treasure rich market square was taken over by a large group of dwarfs. The orc warband was nowhere to be seen, but cut off goblin and orc heads carried by the slayers gave a hint to what had happened to that warband. The dwarfs were now heading for a small group of Darksouls scouting carrying chests found in the ruins. They would not be able to outrun the dwarfs!

Nurgly wasted no time and ran off the stairs towards his threatened minions. He rushed Ticky to join the struggle between the Darksouls and the Slayers. Nevertheless they were outnumbered and the number of casualties was rising fast. All hope was not lost though, as a Plaguebearer finally managed to finish off the champion of Tchar. The survivors of that skirmish could reinforce the warriors fighting the dwarfs. If only they would make it in time...

While the central clash on the market square raged on, the dwarf leader and a minion were using a wagon to carry off their finds to safety. The wagon was rolling along the former carriage road right below the tower on top of which ShyShy was still lurking. The possessed dived down, charging the wagon only to scratch the side. The dwarfish driver looked back, bewildered, but the wagon could not be stopped and managed to get through.

As the possessed was still looking at the leaving wagon, it was charged by the leader of the dwarven warband himself. A brutal fight broke out, and both warriors were soon down to their last wound. However, this time it was the dwarf who got the best of it and the possessed was struck down by his hammer.

The battle at the square on the other hand was not going that well for the dwarfs. The tide had turned now more and more chaos worshipers were joining the skirmish and Nurgly and Ticky were still holding on. Slayers and rank and file were knocked down and taken out and the square was swept free of the persistent warriors.

After the last dwarf had fallen, Nurgly glanced around, noticing only a small core of his warriors was standing around him. The toll for this victory was high! Suddenly he heard a strange hymn and he turned his head towards it. The dwarven leader stood on the edge of the square, chanting a spontaneous dwarven song of loss, blood, honor and above all, curses and the oath to revenge. He finished this song by spitting on the street and withdrawing into the darkness.

A fire war burning in the centre of the square. Unnatural green fumes were rising from it and devilish figures could be seen dancing around or hovering above. Nurgly sat at the center of the festival; his warband sitting around the fire, feasting off a dwarfish and orcish dish. He smiled as a he watched a group of nurglings fought for the head of a former slayer. "That battle was too close for comfort" he thought by himself. "But victory tastes so good...".


Painting dwarfs WIP

Painting the dwarf warriors is taking me forever. I'm doing too much detail apparantly and too much side projects I think. Now I got distracted by painting a dwarf thunderer for my dwarf warband for Mordheim. I hired a new gunman and this has to be represented by a painted fellow of course. Well here is the marksman almost ready. When my dwarf warriors finish I'll do a good photo report with proper lighting and whatnot.

So painting dwarf warriors eh...yep...well...it's progressing...slowly. I took some pics on various stages during the process. Maybe it's taking a lot of time because I'm painting all 16 at once. Usually I paint up to 5 figures at the same time.

The advantage for painting the dwarf warriors is that they are very coherent. When I paint flesh, it's the same for all since I don't have to remember what color combo's I used for the previous 5 for example.

The entire colorscheme is done for all dwarf warriors and you get to see directly how colors work on the group. On the offside, painting 16 faces, 4 or five highlights after each other is getting a bit tedious after a while.

What is the plan for the dwarfs? I chose to paint 3 different beard styles: yellow, brown/orange and black grey. For the coats I took beige and red. 8 guys have the red coats and 8 the beige ones. Metal is metal and will be done with brass and gold accents and the leather pouches and boots will be done the same for all.
I'll leave you with the final pic of my WIP and hopefully can make you guys happy with a final photo session very soon.