BTB: Avalanche

BTB: Avalanche
In previous posts on Mordheim I mentioned the fact that we started a new Border Town Burning campaign. In the posts it is not recognizable as such so we added the BTB prefix here. I believe the tagging is still correct. Next to posting on BTB campaign games the score board on this blog is restored and no w reflects the current status of all participating warbands for the new campaign.
This weekend we played with 5 participants and of course this situation was not accounted for. We already played 5 player multi battle for the campaign, but always multiplayer battles is not really in keeping with the BTB campaign set. We have to address the available scenario here and there. In order to this we split up in a 2- and a 3-player battle. I ended up with the 2-player battle and our scenario was rolled: Avalanche. The other 3 rolled the Manhunt(?) scenario that by chance can be played multiplayer quit easily.  We installed on 1 big table and split up the scenery and started playing.

With the table split in 2, this left us with a smaller playing area than usual. Not too bad and with a small adaption to the advancement of the avalanche (1D6 inch iso 2D6 inch) this was a really cool and enjoyable scenario. We built up scenery with a lot of snowcovered pine trees and some ruins to the side reflecting the mountainous area of the northern wastes. After a lot of city battles this was a nice change for once.
As said I played against only the 1 opponent and this was our much respected Carnival of Chaos player with “Papa Noigal's fingers”.  Both warbands are at the opposite ends of the spectrum for experience. Pappa Noigal and its followers only just started and my Marienburg Mercenaries were battle hardened for a long time. This resulted in a big underdog position for Carnivale. It’s good to see that system working for once. In the end it gained Pappa Noigal a lot of experience and a big step to catch up with some of the longer playing warbands in this campaign.
The scenery set up gave a good feeling of winter and the avalanche started to advance and the game commenced! My strategy was to delay some of the Carnivale members with a sacrificial ninja gnoblar to get them all covered under the avalanche. However the game thought otherwise . The avalanche only progressed relatively slowly and I got a lot more warband members cought up in hand2hand combat. The marksman in my band was trying to get a good position in the woods to start sniping of rival warband members, taking care not to come too close to an edge. With his blackpowder weapon he might trigger an extra avalanche or two and these are unpredictable! In the end the marksmen didn’t fire a shot the entire game: aarrgh! He moved and moved and moved out of the way of the moving avalanche and then saw all his targets move behind some snowcovered trees or buildings walls. His game was only to keep the Carnivale moving I suppose.
The dwarfs in my warband were moving slowly out of the range of the moving avalanche only just outrunning the thing. They didn’t get much fighting either.
The Ogre bodyguard however was getting caught up in huge fight and was only relieved from the pressure when the mercenary captain joined the fray with his brace of duelling pistols. Luckily no extra avalanche was triggered by shooting his guns and the Ogre finished the resulting fighters. OK, he had a little help from my witch that after some tries cast “The dust of the blind” on one of the Strongmans that are part of the Carnivale.
The ogre remained caught in battle with a small Nurgling that for 3 turns kept the Ogre busy. The rest of the Carnivale warband was now thinned down a bit an route tests started. Pappa Noigal was cold as ice and didn’t budge but in the saw a wall of snow and ice coming his way and thought better of the situation, fleeing the field, leaving the victory to the Marienburgers.
In the end I think both sides gained a lot from this battle result. The Carnivale gaining 4 extra experience points per surviving warband member (in the end all but one survived!) and progressed nicely with new skills and characteristics increases. My Marienburgers gained an extra campaign point, they tried poisoning some of Pappa Noigal’s fingers but these nurgle powers prevented poisoning just as easy. There was a chance of getting more CP’s but this is nice for now, increased some characteristics here and there as well so all in all the Marienburgers did good.
Actually the best of this Avalanche scenario was the scenario. We really had the feel of the setting in the snow with an avalanche approaching, getting out of the way of all the snow and ice and trying to trap the opponent in the mounds of snow with the occasional fight. The fact my marksman didn’t get a shot fired was due to the fact he had to move to keep in front of the snow and everyone else moving as well. He needed to be able to predict moves and find a good sniper spot but didn’t get a chance in all the fray. We really got a feel for the border town burning setting. Exploring in the end left us with all kinds of borderland equipment found.

Let me finish by saying it was a great game.