Hirts Arts Moulds and Mordheim Buildings part 3

The final stage of the first Mordheim building using the Hirts Arts moulds is done! The building is actually finished and it looks great! What are the final steps towards the final product? Let me reveal you the secrets.
In the last post you could see the actual building finished. Highilghting done and the stony look was there. I finished the wooden flooring and added moss and weeds to the building. Also one of the citadel trees had its place on the building board. The tree can be removed and a simple square can be put over the hole to look like a well if needed. Modulare gaming table building in effect here.
The size of the inn is the biggest square for a game board piece I wanted. The finished building can now be used as a centrepiece of some sort. Other buildings will be a third in size and roads can be made in a similar fashion. I will post on the concept in future posts when new buildings and roads will be built. In that way you can see a gaming table be born :)
Anyway a picture of the final result and this one includes already what are the next projects of which a new post will talk about more.

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