Squig hopper racing rules

I've been busy with the arena for a while. This to do some chariot racing but also squig hopper racing! I've been busy with some rules as well and now is the time to publish the first version of this all. The rules are in Dutch and English. The rules speak of action cards. The cards are already there but you will have to wait for them. I am making them as nice as the rules are now. A quick preview of the arena I built is here. Pics are taken with my iPhone so no high res images as with the rest of the posts, but you get the general idea.

Squig hopper racing English
Squig hopper racing Dutch


  1. Very nice! The arena turned out extremely well.

    As for the rules: I can't wait to start! The rules look promising and are very clearly written. I do have some questions/remarks on them:
    - The movement of the squigz is measured in CM, instead of the regular inches. Typo or do you want them to move slower because of the small arena?
    - How many hits can you take before going out of the race?
    - Are certain bases required?

    By the way, you mixed up the links for EN and NL.

  2. Wow, both arena and rules scream to be tested!! (And yes, I'm volunteering for this dirty job :-)

    Questions/remarks that popped up during the reading of the rules:
    - are you allowed to 'ride against traffic' and do laps ridden in that direction count?
    - how about pit-stops and chnnging squig?

  3. Any play-test results so far? :)

  4. Good day,
    I was wondering if you ever finished the action cards you were working on for this game? If so please post them! :) I am eager to see what you have done.