Painting dwarfs WIP

Painting the dwarf warriors is taking me forever. I'm doing too much detail apparantly and too much side projects I think. Now I got distracted by painting a dwarf thunderer for my dwarf warband for Mordheim. I hired a new gunman and this has to be represented by a painted fellow of course. Well here is the marksman almost ready. When my dwarf warriors finish I'll do a good photo report with proper lighting and whatnot.

So painting dwarf warriors eh...yep...well...it's progressing...slowly. I took some pics on various stages during the process. Maybe it's taking a lot of time because I'm painting all 16 at once. Usually I paint up to 5 figures at the same time.

The advantage for painting the dwarf warriors is that they are very coherent. When I paint flesh, it's the same for all since I don't have to remember what color combo's I used for the previous 5 for example.

The entire colorscheme is done for all dwarf warriors and you get to see directly how colors work on the group. On the offside, painting 16 faces, 4 or five highlights after each other is getting a bit tedious after a while.

What is the plan for the dwarfs? I chose to paint 3 different beard styles: yellow, brown/orange and black grey. For the coats I took beige and red. 8 guys have the red coats and 8 the beige ones. Metal is metal and will be done with brass and gold accents and the leather pouches and boots will be done the same for all.
I'll leave you with the final pic of my WIP and hopefully can make you guys happy with a final photo session very soon.


  1. That are some very nice stunties-in-progress! It's quite some work to complete an 8th edition army. I had to cheat a little to be read for the EuroGT by using some Flagellants as Marauders.... But after reading this I promise hereby to start constructing and painting 'true marauders' as soon as I get back from this campaign!

  2. I know the problem, Tom. When is a model truly finished? Aye. Nice work so far though :)

    Just throwing this out there. Would you guys be interested in playing WarHammer Fantasy RPG? I recently picked up the 2005 Edition Rulebook. A lot simpler then the 1st Edition Rulebook. I'm aching to GM it, but I'm already running Dark Heresy here with my local group.
    You can use the Mordheim terrain and miniatures as the Battle map for the game.

  3. Looking good thus far! Will meet then on the battlefield I suppose, see what damage can be done.

    The gunner turned out really well. I must start on my deamonette's soon!

    @fibble: Let's do so, perhaps we could start a mail conversation about this? Tom knows your mail address...