gyrocopter and ironbreakers + purity seal = bad

yes it is time for ye olde update. Finished painting the gyro and the 10 ironbreakers. Good looking bunch of lads. Luckily I shot pictures before the coat of purity seal. One way or the other there is now a snowy shine on the back of my ironbreakers and parts of the gyro. Maybe too thick a layer? Maybe because it was a high humitidy outside and it dried wrong, who can tell? It is not that bad, but up close it shwos. Maybe I'll retouch here and there to mask this effect. For here are the good pics.

1 comment:

  1. Hopefully the snowy effect is not that bad :-(
    Both helo and warriors look beautiful in the pictures. My guess is that humidity is the cause, had some bad experiences myself with humidity and/or cold when applying purity seal..