painting progress

Once in a while all parallel running painting projects are finished. At that point I start up new projects and maybe a little more then I can chew. On the other hand there is always time needed to dry or get more inspiration and then it is good to have a couple of projects running. For example painting a dark elf sorceress on a cold one next to a regiment of dwarf warriors. SOmetimes ideas from painting one follow up in the other painting scheme or whatnot. In the case of dwarfs and dark elfs it is maybe a bit hard to stomach but still.

Ok what is the status?! 16 dwarfs put together and have their base. THey are awaiting a black spray base coat. Next to that I am painting a dark elf sorceress on a cold one as already mentioned. The cold ones are a bit of a new "collection" so to say. I started painting my second and got the idea of painting only cold ones with dark elves on them. Maybe starting a Mordheim war band with them, maybe painting a couple more dark elfs and waddayaknow?! a dark elf army is born. :)

For some of the other games we bought some rules for at twohourwargames I'm painting a werewolf war band and related henchem. First up painted and done are two ladies that will join my werewolf gang. They are a bit dark gothic and just the style we want for Chaos in carpathia. Sort of a scifi victorian style setting and this will just fit the bill.

The werewolves are already undercoated and a couple of regular wolves were ordered and in. This war band will soon be born since the war band does not contain a lot of members.

They only need a base and they are done. Still looking for the right base. Maybe I'll just go with the bricks my dwarfs are set upon. Fits the scenery nicely for one.


  1. When does this guy ever sleep?
    Great work, even half way!

  2. Nicely done there tom! Looking forward to seeing them in real life.

    In the meanwhile, I will dig up any dark elf cold one knight (and more) that I can find. Maybe we can arrange some trading?