inspiration needed: dark elf sorceress on cold one

This cold one project is one of those side projects running along other "main" projects. I always keep such a model on the side to spend some painting time on when waiting for other paint to dry.
This dark elf sorceress featured in some of my posts but now gets its own attention.

The reason for this being, I'm a bit stuck how to progress. Of course I can continue to fill in the remaining details: eyes, a book, some gems, the base of course. But still it seems to somewhat empty here and there. So I just throw it out here for all to see, and maybe get some great tips or inspiration on how to finish this model.


  1. Unglaublich schön!! :-)

    Dark elf Mordheim band vrijdag as??

  2. Hi Tom, I think you're being unfairly critical of your work, you've done a superb job so far. I always used to think that you cannot judge a mini until you've based it because it can bring the whole model to life. If you're looking for some inspiration can I point you in the direction of my miniatures Gallery, there are some extreme examples of award winning painters there.

    I was wondering if I could persuade you to join our merry band of WFB forumers. We're a small community but have some top quality content (lots of unofficial army books and over a thousand mini pics) and we run a few competitions every now and then too. We're always on the look out for keen gamers and WFB bloggers.

    You're running a very tidy blog here, I wish mine were as neat. Keep it up,
    my WFB News blog

  3. BTW, I forgot to mention. I've added you to the WFB Allies blogroll (which you can see on the Battle Reporters blog and on quite a few other blogs).