More slayers and miners in progress

After a couple of weeks having a good flow of painting and posting on the blog weekly, I skipped last week. Of course there was miniaturemonday last monday, but no related post. Was painting a little less as well last week therefore no real progress but now the finished product in detail. It is always good to have more slayers so here are another 2 of the guys.

We have greybrow greenpants to the left and his mate to the right. Been painting with more highlights now, so the texture becomes more explicit. Hairs and skin becomes more crisp, more comic-y.

And the miners are in progress. Been painting these old miniatures and they are fun. They have comic all over them, big nose, big head and big hands! I have 9 of the guys so my 10 miners regiment will be expanded to 19 in a while!

What you see in the middle is my miners unit filler. A great way to expand regiments quickly and give character to your army at the same time.

1 comment:

  1. Those grey eyebrows make me wonder if an complete grey Slayer would work?
    Any way, those dwarfs look great!