buy all the mini's

this is a statement that comes by quit often these days. As a matter of fact the 2nd hand market for old (school) miniatures is thriving. A lot of classics come bay on sale-facebook pages and the different fora. Is this related to the end times? Is it the end times for old armies and old miniatures? Maybe it is just me and a more nostalgic mood related to the game with the end times near? Maybe so but the end times books I am reading right now and these are great (in my opinion that is). The over the top battles with extreme characters is fun to play with especially in a triumph and treachery setting; I love it.

Ok back to the old school mini's. The fact is I come across loads of cool very old models these days. Dwarfs, Tzeentch deamons I love the older models. Hard to find and when they come by they are not too cheap. Sometimes high prices for the more rare models. Sometimes batches come by for a good price. Interesting since the price per model is then really good. But a big load of mini's in one good builds towards the lead mountain. On the other hand how often does such a deal come by you think. And when closing the deal a couple of days later even more and bigger batches come by.
Still we want to buy all the mini's! Why? The time to paint it all is limited. To play with it all is near impossible (10000 pts games last way too long :)).
Maybe it is just the hobby, the collecting the nostalgia and everything together! Maybe it is now that those batch deals come by and stop for the next years :). Or maybe everyone is waiting for 9th edition and they want to play and are clearing their shelves to be prepared to buy all the new mini's!


  1. Though I really do like these old school miniatures I certainly hope we're not stuck in the claws of nostalgia and melancholy that keeps us from moving into new games...
    Though I really do like our games of Warhammer (especially in T&T mode), I sometimes think it's a shame that a lot of great games are there, waiting to be played, that never will reach our tables.

  2. Odd thing is that I'm exactly opposite of Arjan on the matter. The speedy way in which I am getting new miniatures (and/or lured into new games) is certainly getting ludacris :P .

    That said, I do agree on the matter of "games waiting to be played" as we should definately vary more in our game asortment.

    May I recommend Wild West Exodus?

  3. Perhaps the 'problem' is not the buying of tons of miniatures (how coud it be?), but 'falling back' towards warhammer as the common divisor in our 'community'.

    I would love to play a game of WWE, though I'm sure I'll never gonna 'do' this game since the fluff is entirely incompatible with the 'dark breeds of my mind' :-)