Mordheim Slayer warband painting (3)

And again I spent time painting 3 slayers for my Slayer warband. They were already quite far but it is all in the details. After painting the skin and the trousers it is time for painting the axes. Wood colored axes is nice but you want some wood grain, painting the axe heads first layers was with boltgun metal after which chainmail accents were put on. Badab black wash to enhance shadows and nothches on the blade.

I painted the gold items first with boltgun metal, then dwarf bronze, then shining gold an some very small accents with chainmail. This is finished with devlan mud to blend all the colors in. It gives a nice gold feel, that is worn, gives good details to all signs and runes and is overall shiny as the slayers like it!

Furthermore the leather glove and pouches was done with black, snakebite leather, graveyard earth and a blend of graveyard earth and bleached bone. Again a finish with devlan mudd. Since I got the devlan mud, everything is done with this stuf, the new washes are great! For christmas the foundation paint set is on my wishlist and I got some info that indeed it will be under the christmas tree. I can't wait how the new foundation paints handle and how they give the miniatures a start of color.

Just a few more touch ups and I will give you really nice pictures up and close of these 3 slayers in order to admire all those nice little details! :)
How much time did I spend painting these 3 dwarfs? Hmmmm just totalling up all my small paint sessions I think 6-8 hours per dwarf. That includes all tests of the blends and combination of colors.

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