The Ruined Tower - W.I.P.

To prove Tom isn't the only one at work with the Hirst Arts molds, I'll post some WIP of my own little project: The Ruined Tower (mold #65). It is more or less build, just needs some paint (still have to buy black paint as I have run out...).

Let's start with some overview pictures:

In the background you can see the grinded shells that you put in bird cages which I used on the parts of the base that have no 'stone' on them. It's really cheap stuff (about 90c for 2 kilo!) and has some nice pieces of shell in them to make things more interesting.

In the mean while, Nora the cat is wondering what all the fuzz is about, she doesn't look very impressed...

These parts will be added later, 'cause it's easier to paint them unassembled:

And finally a shot from above:

I'll post more pics once further progress is being made.


  1. ahh, the ruined tower, can't wait to see it painted. I can get you someblack paint if you like, it must be painted the next game we are playing I'd say! :)
    Cats and Mordheim is a good combination, maybe we should have miniature cats as well! :)

  2. Looks good to me! Can't wait to see it on the battlefield. Maybe a little hill can be introduced in mordhiem, with this tower on top?

  3. Wow.. Another great building! Must be great to combine parts of different moulds into even stranger buildings!

  4. I think it's too late to put it on a hill since I already based it on a flat surface ;-) Good news is that I have gotten me some paint and have started painting the little bugger!