WiP: Fountain of Morr

Years ago a friend of mine made some Mordheim scenery himself, which we used intensively (despite its looks ;-)
The only remaining piece that was still in my possession was a fountain like structure. Recently this guy gave me another home grown Mordheim building (and he does not even play anymore!). This piece is a lot better and I promised to use it in my scenery. This weekend I hope to find the time to finally finish a new Mordheim square to incorporates both the new piece and the old fountain.

The fountain is upgraded and pimped by me using Hirst Moulds pieces and a very peculiar miniature (also given to me, this time by my Czech brother- and sister-in-law ;-)

Some work in progress pictures of the fountain are presented here (and that's it for today):

Van PixVan PixVan Pix

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