Border Town Burning: The campain starts

After playing lot's of multi player Mordheim games, that were a lot of fun, it is time to start something even more organised. What more logic then to start a campagn! And what more logic then to start with a campagn that is already thought out: Border Town Burning. Something different then the scrirmishes we did in the town of Mordheim but something new that requires some new tactics, new choices, new models. All new elements to spice up our Mordheim evenings to come.
The start of the campagn is al about the new warbands. What choices did everyone make and will it work in the campaign. lot's of opportunity to start with an experimental warband or just start with existing ones that are well thought out, so focus can be more on tactica? Choices, choices, what to choose?

The warbands that the now four of us start with are:
Dwarf Treasurehunters
Dark Elves

The first battle to get a bit used to this campaining is a bar room brawl. No weapons or armour, just a freindly night in the pub ... until someone spilled the beer of one the dwarfs, and all hell broke loose! In all floors of the inn fights break out and it was not long until only one was left standing. The dwarfs and dark elves get stuck in right away during which the possessed take care of some darke elves too. The beastmen are apparantly more resilliant and around the fountain at the front of the inn they remain standing until the end of the game. Apparantly these strange hoofs are good for one thing: enough grip to stay upright.

All warbands but the dark elves have no real casualties to speak of. The dark elves were not made to hang about a rowdy inn and get stuck in this brawling. They are already too weakened to really start this campaining. I always thought these fragile elves were no use for real adventuring. This proves 'em right :)
Next time the first 1 on 1 games will be played and the warbands will be working for their campaing points.

A small note: this was the first game in the Mordheim Attick, which was just converted. A great playing area if I may say so.


  1. I'll never visit that Inn again.. they let everyone in, including all these beasts

  2. And it was a fun match! Good report btw.

    Ow and ....
    Elves ... are ... shit ... (especially when it comes to fighting barehanded):P

  3. Reminds me of that "Ork Bar Brawl" game that was once handed out with a White Dwarf magazine. I think I still have it all somewhere.

    Your special skill is:
    "Cry like a weedy Grot" !

    Good times. ;)