New layout

When you are reading this post, you'll probably have noticed the new layout. Blogger has a new design module (for a while) that I wanted testing out. I'm still toying around a bit with the layout but for now this is it. Comments are welcome of course so we'll improve even further with this blog.

Teaser for upcoming posts:
- tonight we're playing for the BTB campaign, so expect a full fledged battle report here soon. It will have the new terrain pieces Arjan is working on in them (dungeons).
- I'm working on a modular arena to be put in our city of Mordheim, but it will also be used for chariot racing (how about, a snotling pumpwagon a goblin wolf chariot and a pony wagon in a race!) or squig hopper racing!!!

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  1. Great layout! It's clean and very readable. Good job :)