C{z/h}eck this..

Finally some movement in the Flames of War department: After some disappointing attempts to paint Czechoslovak roundels myself, I started searching for alternatives. Luckily I found Black Lion Decals, a Dutch(!) company that produces decals and let's you order your own as well (at a reasonable fee).

In the meantime some serious reinforcements for my army arrived: Ten T-34 models of the Plastic Soldier company. These models use the same scale as the 'normal' Battlefront models and have the nice option of coming with two turrets each, allowing you to use them as the /76 or the /85 model.
The picture above shows on T-34/85 with a Czech roundel attached. The model needs some finishing, like dirt and battle scars. Hopefully I will find some nice paints and tools for this last job at the Crisis Event tomorrow.

The second picture shows four of my T-34's: The two on the left are Battlefront T-34/76's, the two on the right are two examples of the Plastic Soldier /85 variant. All of them off course with Czechoslovak roundels(!).
With some minor(?) work left, I now have a 'legal' late war Tankovya force. Time to go to battle!!

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  1. Oe nice. With all these nice tanks, good stories on flames of war and Crisis '11 we went to last weekend that had loads of Flames of war it makes it temping to start as well. First to start of with wings of war Dawn of world war II. Just bought me a messerschmitt and the rules!