Planes! Wings of War here we come

And now for something completely different. Since we are moving towards a new phase in hobby life I too got hooked on some good old WWII stuff. In this case it's the planes! We were busy looking out for the game Wings of War I got my hands on a 1:144 messerschmitt on ebay. Not knowing what I know now: 1:144 early war WWII planes are not to be found! The scale is just not made anymore! They can be found but very difficult! They have to be out there!
Her for some results on the painting of the first plane!

And the plane belly-up! I painted the plane in the camp scheme with the yellow nose and wingtips. The decals were so old it took a full day to get them from the papers.

When looking for planes in the 1:144 scale (early WWI) I stumbled upon the reveal mini kits. Fun kit that is put together in no time and preprinted. Only it is very basic preprinted and only just the correct scale. Actually I can't find the scale but compared it to the 1:44 messerschmitt and it compares.
For the mini kit I bought a Fokker DRI triplane, not really early WWI but a fun plane. Also found the Hindenburg out there. Scale does totally not compare but again fun as a background. I might paint them to give them a more detailed look as opposed to the plastic shiny look they have now. But for a couple of eures nice to give them a try.
Now where are them 1:144 early WWI planes when you need em!


  1. Wow! Very cool looking Me-109!!

    From the picture I guess the DR-1 is 1:72 and the Hindenburg... not a clue :-)

  2. Very nicely done! Can't wait till more planes show up :)