Latest dark elf pictures

After painting a lot of dwarfs it was time to do something completely different. Of course the dark elf painting was present here and there, but recently I've been painting 2 dark elves in a row. Dwarfs are awaiting some paint on my paint station.
Painting the dark elves gets the creativity flowing because it requires different paint schemes and techniques. A "start" of a new war band/army lets me experiment more with painting techniques as well. Thinking about colors and what will work. Thinking about bases and settings and scenes really gives you the creative kick you nice in a while need for painting the army you are busy with.
Good news for the dwarfs that is! They will get all the new ideas and paint schemes and whatnot...when I start painting them again that is. 16 dwarf warriors are only base coated and awaiting the paint treatment, they will be picked up sooner or later :)

For now the dark elves. I already painted Malus Darkblade a while ago and now was busy with a dark elf sorceress on a cold one. My background for the dark elves will be cold ones. The more cold ones the better! I was a bit stuck with dark elf sorceress but got further with some tips and tricks here and there and here are the most recent pics!

Started with another sorceress but this time without cold one. Actually I bought the model under the impression it was a fine cast model (my first, a first test it had to be), but it wasn't. Just a detailed plastic model of a dark elf sorceress. Fun to paint. Started to evenings ago and this is the current work in progress. The occult markings on the cloth are there. They will get a bright green edge to them (this is only the outline layer).

The face needs the eye and mouth done and the brass only has its first 2 layers. They will be worked up to gold with mithril silver sparkle edges.Base is going to be stone with ice/snow just as with other dark elf sorceress on the cold one. Ice and snow will be the setting for all future dark elves.

I bought myself another cold one with a dark elf knight the other day. The local hobby shop had 3 blisters for the price of 2. Couldn't resist buying some old school dwarf rangers and tipped in the cold one knight as the "free" blister! Coolness!


  1. Lovely models!
    (A dark elf raiding party in Mordheim in the making?)

  2. definitely first up Mordheim dark elf war band, next....mumble mumble...army..mumble...dark elves....mumble...cold ones.....