Some random ogre's appear!

A short while ago we decided to start a new campaign in Mordheim. I decided to go with Ogre's this time. This post is the first update on the progress of creating the models for my warband.

I really had some fun creating these guys! Not included is the Halfling btw.

Mind you, this is also my very first attempt with milliput ever!

All I made tonight.

A random base with tiles.

The full group thus far, front view.

Full group thus far, rear view.

Mountian Guard and Boss, I guess.

Again, but front view this time.


  1. Very nice conversions! Can you enlighten us about the theme and color you have in mind for them?

  2. Really wish I could, but I haven't got a real theme or clue myself.
    Highest probability is that every ogre in the warband has a specific region he is from, and therefor a big mix of weird looking big fellas.

    Or something very sophisticated... which I will tell you once I figure it out :P

  3. When I saw the high hat, I was thinking you were doing a Guns & Roses or hard rock theme :-)

  4. Slash is what came to mind here as well! Good stuff this, love the hats :) Maybe a Mad Hatter Alice in wonderland theme? Make some wild bunny's as sabretusks or other running dogs for them as well?!