Multiplayer Mordheim scenario's

Incredibly but true, up till now the 'members of somegamers' show up almost all of the time when a battle is planned :-)

This resulted in lovely, bloody, multiplayer Mordheim battles. Since the orginal book does not contain that much multi (more than 2) player scenario's, we normally used the ones provided in later white dwarfs. Since my collection of Town Cryers is MIA, that source of multiplayer and other scenario's was not available.

Fortunately, all Town Cryers have been made available here! Last time we used the Gauntlet scenario found in TC 21. Good fun, deadly for my warband though.... (Thanx to Eric Johnson for writing that :-)

So, what are the candidates for the next session? Here's a list with multiplayer scenario's found in TC's:
13: the sword of the herald (requires referee)
21: the gauntlet (requires Heroquest tiles)
22: assault on the rock (SoS)
23: the bodyguards
25: blood hunt (dramatis personae), the item lost (dramatis personae)
Personally I hope we'll choose the 'body for our next battle...


  1. The feather brigade anxiously awaits what will be presented to them on the next glorious field trip. Usually pain and suffering, but since the halflings proved to be a sturdy fellowship, we might as well survive another massacre.

    Archers ready!

  2. I read the bodyguards scenario and it looks like fun. Allthough im a bit scared too, being the one with the highest warband rating :P