BTB: The lost caravans

The late evening sun shines red on the few buildings in fore town of the borderland city Mohawa. The occasional grunt and murmur sound was heard from one of the buildings. Inside a group of dwarves known as the Alequaffers was tending their wounds.
Bjorgir was discussing with Grach that it was for the best that Grach would go to the mountains to report the latest findings and doings of the warband. Not speaking of the fact it would better to get better from the horrible wound he just suffered.
Meanwhile Durri and Loki were the no happy dwarves and quaffing some stale ale. They survived a battle where they faced enormous odds. Loki even got stuck in battle with 6 beastmen before he went down. He dealt some terrible carnage and was becoming a massive dwarf all together.
“It is a terrible loss” Grom muttered. “The beardlings go for fame and adventure, not for cold nights, little food and death.” One of the beardlings wasn’t with them anymore. That last fight was too much for him. One of the Ogre villains thumped him quite badly and the beastmen trampling over him afterwards were too much.

What happened with the warband today? In this small fore town, on the middle of the road they found a wagon being trashed by ogres. 5 Ogres in total were bashing into 5 guards the Merchant had hired.

The Merchant’s wagon was already smashed to bits, the horses run away and the crew was barely standing. In the middle of this fight the dwarfs saw a fellow merchant in trouble and dashed towards the fighting spree to help. At the same time at the other end of the road a massive group of beastmen saw the riches of the Merchant’s caravan and was not planning to leave that to the ogres.

Dwarves and Beastmen charged the Ogres who proved to be very sturdy indeed. Loki and Durri were hacking and slashing into one Ogre while one the 3 beardlings were watching from a distance. They were too afraid to come even near the battle.
From a distance Grach and two thunderers were shooting away with their handguns. Clouds of smoke were billowing everywhere with every volley they shot. Grach being the expert he made a big difference in how fast he could reload and shoot. “Keep practicing lads” he shouted with a mad grin as he shot another round of lead towards the ogres.

The clouds of smoke probably obscured their vision somewhat, because after rounds of lead no ogre suffered any wounds from the handgunners! Their aim was a bit off this fight.

Eventually the beastmen managed to get 3 ogres down and the slayers also hacked one to the ground. The remaining guards took care of the last ogre and now the dwarfs were standing opposing the beastmen. With some hesitation the beastmen charged the dwarfs. Now the real fighting was commencing. First rounds the dwarfs took heavy casualties.

When Durri went down, Loki was infuriated and started chomping away. He felled 4 beastmen himself. The beardlings were going down very fast and now the thunderers were being attacked. They were no match in hand to hand fighting. Grach was swinging his hammer for all he was worth but it was to no avail. All dwarfs went down in this massacre.

Hours after the battle Bjorgir was gathering his warband, he feared the worst. “How many would have survived the onslaught?” he thought. His head still ringing from the blows he received, the noble found out there quite some survivors. Actually he brightened up seeing his entire warband there…no wait…one of the beardlings was not present. This still was a dark day for the Alequaffers. Some new grudges would be written down and remembered the next fights they entered.


  1. Good report, I like the perspective you took of "warband looking back at what happened"! The piccies complement the story nicely. And I'm sure you'll get the chance to take revenge soonish :)

    BTW My vote goes to more of those Mordheim sessions outside on summery evenings!

  2. I'm with hans here. Like the battlereport and the idea to play outside more :) .

    Seems your battle went kind of like mine, with the exception of me being completely wiped of the field by marek :) .

    Darn those stunties are sturdy :P

  3. Hi, guys! Very nice report! I assume the poor merchant was slaughtered by the beastmen then.. Shame.. :)

  4. "I assume the poor merchant was slaughtered by the beastmen then"

    Actually the merchant was turned into a gor by the "Storm of Chaos"!! :P (or whatever the roll of 66 on the Random Happenings chart is called). So we figured my guys could talk to him, of course I rolled a 1 on the rewards chart and didn't have much gold to spare so it didnt really matter .... :P

  5. Ha ha ha! That's awesome! The fact that you even played Beastmen is just too cool.