Da South Side ‘Ooliganz

Wow, a real blog! Never thought our group of rabble would lead to that! ;-)

So, I guess it’s my turn now to introduce myself and – more importantly – my warband. I started playing Warhammer some 10 years ago after some guy who I worked with at the time, Arjan, introduced me to it (not sure if there is any relation between the events, but soon after that he moved to another employer…).

I started with a Brettonnian army, mostly from the models that came with the boxed set. After a while I became bored of fielding armies with just cavalry and bowmen. I picked up an army of Greenskins on the cheap, being attracted by their wackiness and the diversity in troops they offer. We also played Mordheim sometimes back in those days.

Then, after playing for a few years I got hooked to World of Warcraft…. It took up way too much (all) of my free time, so no time was left to play or paint Warhammer. But now the WoW addiction has worn off and I’ve started playing real games again ;-). First a few odd games of Warhammer with Arjan. Soon Arjen and Ludo joined in. And then we started a new Mordheim campaign with Tom joining in as well after 1 or 2 games.

But enuf about me, it’s high time to introduce my warband! I play a band of Savage Orcs called ‘Da South Side ‘Ooliganz’. Ludo came up with the name ‘Ooliganz coz my band tends to move and charge as one big green mob like a group of football… well… hooligans! South Side comes from the area I live in in Rotterdam (Kop van Zuid). My warband consists of savage orcs completely, (almost) all of them armed with 2xclubs. So they are very heavy melee oriented (like a band of savage orcs should, of course): charge and bash some ‘eads in is the usual tactics (repeatedly screaming Waaaaaaaghhhhh in the process).

Modelling wise, I am currently in the process of rebasing them, replacing the (Warhammery) green flocked bases with (for Mordheim) more suitable cobblestony bases. I’m also adding some different bits ‘n bobs to the bases to be able to tell them apart (they were a very generic group of savage orcs b4!). I’ll make some pictures soon and will put them up here.

Also, I’ve made some purchases to start a new warband… the ratty Skaven it will be! But I suspect it will be a while b4 I can field them.


  1. Perhaps you can give your Skaven an Excelsior theme?? :-)

  2. Hmmm new warband...got me thinking to work out a new warband concept as well: The Stunties! Them dwarfs are so battle hardened, they must be good (although a bit slow). Only...more painting...so little time...so much to do....

  3. Should be fun to play the fast but feeble Skaven against the slow but hard Dwarfies!

    Not sure about the theme yet. Using only blacks/browns/greys/metals will look cool I think, but maybe a bit boring. Still have to decide what color(s) I will add. Suggestions are welcome ;-)

    What will your new warband be, Arjan? :P

  4. Hmmmm Skaven with some bone white accents >> spent time underground too long theme, even one albino skaven maybe might be cool. Or something with one fluorescent color and the rest in the browns might be skaven like.

  5. Something like this?http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v701/Skarskarrik/Skaven/slaves1.jpg

    Looks very cool!

  6. I really like the idea of an escaped skaven slaves theme (hmmm.... if I only had time ;-)