Wee Free Men, meet: Gasher

The Wee Free Men have their set of squigs that wreak havoc in enemy lines. They are controled by some of the night goblins if they can focus. This is one of 5 and is called Gasher! A realy nasty squig that loves to bounce into battle.

Sometimes the squigs run out of control and start nibling on the warband members. To represent this I started to convert a squig to eat one of the night goblins. A leg has to be added sticking out of his mound, but I think it is a good start. Of course this blog is to show further stages in the conversion and paint process so keep checking to see progress.


  1. Bounce into battle... It's just peeing on that fungus (right?)

  2. You are right! I will add a close-up of the peeing squig :) It needs to waddle now and then and what better then a nice fungus spot to do this on!