Starting the blog is one thing, but do I do in this Mordheim party? How did this all start and where did my warband come from all of a sudden. I started with Warhammer some 15 years ago. At the time I started a Warhammer 40K Tyranid army. Got fully infected with miniature games and warhammer, necromunda, warhammer quest etc. followed suit. We played with a friends group that I know since high school. Since moving to Dordrecht my gaming activities faltered and the painting also came to a stuttering halt.

Some painting was done on the "cool" miniatures I could lay my hands on. The squigs and night goblins always had my attention because of their comic look and utter coolness of course. The odd squig was painted and I met "some gamers" in Dordrecht! They introduced me to playing Mordheim. Since it is so easy to start a warband with just a couple of miniatures the first game was in full effect before I knew it. I got infected and started painting avidly!

New squigs were bought, new night gobbos painted and the Night Goblin warband was bourn. I'm just finishing a giant squig with my goblin boss as we speak (he did his job well on the batllefield already). Squigs at the moment are my favorite "characters" and the overall warband is themed around them (and doing quite well at the moment).

My Night Goblin warband is called the wee free men which is related to the Terry Pratchett books of the discworld (specifically A Hat full of Skye). I will introduce the characters of my warband on this blog in the coming time. You can then follow them as they progress and gain experience with the games of Mordheim we play.

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  1. Thanx, I almost forgot: Buy 'rope and hook' for all gang members...