Wee Free Men, meet: Slightly Sane Angus

My night goblin shaman: Slightly Sane Angus is the supplieer of mad cap mushrooms for the Wee Free Men. Specifically the night goblin fanatics rely heavily on their fungi so the shaman is definitely needed. Angus is probably the sane-est gobbo in the group, hence his name. In one of the pevious battles he suffered an armwound and wasn't able to perform his Waaagh! magic and missed a battle because of it. As a remedy he ate his stash of fungi to reduce the pain and was out for a couple of days (foaming in his cave). He is now up and running and wil return to the batllefield with freashly brewed mad cap mushroom broth in one of the next batlles. For now Angus sometimes manages to cast the Fire of Gork and with some practise he can go a long way.

The shaman model is a "regular" goblin shaman which I made into a night goblin shaman by painting it in the Wee Free Men, night goblin colors dark blue and blacks.

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